Mechanical engineering production

using documentation provided by the customer:

  • short run production and single - part production by conventional machining and CNC machining used for assembly lines and for assembly of special purpose machinery, samples and prototypes production,
  • manufacturing of precise parts, tool work on NC and CNC machines (distance rings and flanges of larger sizes, drums and cylinders for conveyor systems)
  • production of machine parts, machinery and jigs
  • mass production on single spindle and multi-spindle machines, CNC automatic lathes, curve and long turning automatic machines (screws, special bright washers and casings, drilling tools)
  • precise mechanics (precise clamps)
  • complex machining of products and the subsequent assembly of sophisticated machinery, dimensionally from small parts to weldments and workpieces weighing up to 5,000 kg.
  • výroba, opracovanie i  mechanická, elektrotechnická, pneumatická a hydraulická montáž sa prevádza modernou technikou.
  • manufacturing, machining as well as mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic assembly is done with modern technology.


Providing requested quality

of parts and supervision on quality of produced components

  • cooperation with contractual partners and holders of quality certificate ISO 9001 with the newest machining technics while we look into the future
  • entry isnpection is provided by certified measuring equipment checked and calibrated on regular basis
  • measuring of precise parts by modern eqipment 3D CNC Mitutoyo
  • if requested we provide measuring protocol along with produced parts


Specialized activities

offered within complex production

  • heat treatment – hardening, cementing, tempering, annealing, nitriding
  • coating – chrome plating, blackening, sandblasting, galvanizing, painting, nickel plating
  • annealing and plazma cutting
  • gas and arc welding (CO2, argon)